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Teen Psoriasis Study – Now Enrolling

Millions of teens struggle with psoriasis and the constant battle against flare-ups. These itchy, scaly patches of skin are not only difficult to control, but can also be quite painful when scratched. Like many skin conditions, psoriasis can take a toll on your child's self-esteem, causing them to feel embarrassed or self-conscious. And although there are many medications available, they do not work for everyone.

Right now, dermatologists at select centers in the US are conducting a new research study that may be able to help. The study is for an investigational cream for psoriasis, applied once daily. If your child is between the ages of 12 - 16 and has psoriasis, you may qualify to participate.

If your child qualifies, you will receive all study-related care and medication at no cost from a local specialist. You will also be compensated for your time and travel to attend study visits.

Connect with a Local Study Site

To see if your child might qualify, and to get connected with a participating site in your area to learn more, please take the questionnaire below: